How to solve the 8024afff Error in windows 7?

Many Windows 7 users complain about this error sometimes you can’t download the security patches but if we look at it is very easy to the coup. Many people think that troubleshooting is not an option but the problem is that you have to troubleshoot your window to solve this error.

But you might not know that how you can do solve this problem then don’t worry we are here to tell you that how you can solve this issue without any problem in three simple steps. But first, let’s find out the reason because of which this error can happen.

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There are many reasons because of which this error can happen and we are going to tell you about some reasons so, you can look into them.

  1. The first reason for this error is that your window might have some malware or virus that can cause this error.
  2. The other reason for this error is that you might have adware that is ad-generating software it can also cause this trouble.
  3. The third reason for facing this error is that you might have some configuration issues in your computer that might lead to this error.
  4. If you any corrupt file that you have downloaded from some site or reached your computer through some pirated movies that can also be the reason for this error.
  5. If your window is not updated then you can face this 8024afff error.
  6. The window that you are using is not registered then you can face this issue.

These are the six reasons if these are in your computer then there are many chances that you will face the error 8024 off in windows 7. There are some other reasons but these are the major ones that cause this error.


These are the solution to this error that you can easily solve if you follow our article step by step.

1. Troubleshoot

We should admit that the troubleshooter of windows 7 is not that good as compared to windows 10 but still it can do many tasks. In this error, the one troubleshooter that you need to use is the update troubleshooter because that is the solution to this error.


If you don’t know that how to troubleshoot then you should follow these simple steps that are sharing below:

  1. Go in the search bar of windows and type their troubleshoot and then click on the “Troubleshoot”
  2. Now navigate to the windows update troubleshooter and then you might see the button “ Run the troubleshooter” click on that button.
  3. Now do as the instruction saying on your screen and when you are done with it you can check it by trying to update the windows again.

2. Using the Batch scripts

Now when you are facing the issue of updating services then the folder in which the downloaded updates are stored is very important. Now you need to reset the updating services and re-establish the software distribution folder. You might be thinking that it is a very old a very tough task.

But it is very easy and you can do it by downloading a custom batch file. You might not be a technical person so, you might don’t know that how you can do it then don’t worry follow the steps that are writing below and you can easily do it.

  1. The first step is to download the file that you can download here.
  2. Now save that file and after that, you need to right-click on it.
  3. Choose the” Run as Administrator”
  4. Now wait for the process to finish and after that try to update again

3. Manually installation of Updates

Manually installation of Updates

Now the last thing we have is to do the updates manually and there is a dedicated site of Microsoft that allows us to download the updates from there so, you can download the updates and then upload them manually.

The hard thing is that you have to find the update that is causing the 28024afff error but once you got that update everything is really easy and you can like any other file simply. But if you don’t know how to do it we will tell you to step by step.

  1. First, you need to open the setting app that you can do by pressing the Windows + I key.
  2. Now navigate to the Update & security
  3. Now check the updates and write the verification code
  4. Now you have to go to the Microsoft Catalog by using Edge browser because from other browsers you can’t reach the Microsoft catalog.
  5. Now you might be seeing the search bar copy the identification code that you copied and hit enter.
  6. Now you should download it and then install it.
  7. When the installation is complete restart your pc.

By following these methods that we have told you in our article there are many chances that you might be able to solve this error 8024afff but if you are still facing that error then the suitable solution would be to take it to some professional because he will analyze your pc personally and can remove this error.


This is an error that can take place when you are trying to update windows and it will prevent some security files that are very important for your pc to update. So, it is not a very big error and you can easily solve it with the solution that we gave you.

There are three methods from which you can try to solve this error and we have told you to step by step and even if you are a newbie or a non-technical person you can remove this error very easily without any help.

If you find our article informative then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members who might need this to solve the error.

Thank you.


What is the 8024afff error?
There are many people that want to know that what is this error and when you face it so, this error occurs when you are trying to update the windows and it is not downloading some important security patches but you can easily tackle this situation but in the above article we gave you three solution if you follow them you can easily solve this error even if you are not a technical person.
What are the reasons for these errors?
There are many reasons because of which this error can occur but we will explain here some main ones. The first reason is that if your window is not registered then you can face this error. The other reason is that there are sometimes we download random files from the internet and that corrupts our windows.


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