Learn How To Fix Bluestacks DF-DLA-15 Error – [In 2021]

As the number of Android smartphones increases every day, as does the number of Google Play Store errors that users face, one of those errors is the “Bluestacks Error DF-DLA-15” which is faced while downloading an application from Google Play Store.

The Error message that displays on the screen states:

“Update for ‘app name’ could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error retrieving information from the server. [DF-DLA-15])”“Update for ‘app name’ could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error retrieving information from server. [DF-DLA-15])”

This is the error message you are likely to get when trying to update the application. The application may be preinstalled on your Android phone or you may have downloaded it manually from the Google Play Store beforehand. In this article, I have provided you with some information that will show you how to (manually) and (automatically) fix Windows errors.

In addition, this article will help you resolve some common error messages related to the errors you may encounter.


Causes of Google Play Error DF-DLA-15

Following are the causes of Google Play store error DF-DLA-15.

  • Android Smartphone device error
  • Error retrieving information from server Google Play Error df-DLA-15
  • Google play store error
  • Bluestacks error problem

How To Fix Bluestacks Error DF-DLA-15

Method 1

1.  Clear Cache & Data + Uninstall Updates

It is the simplest method. It may fix the error. It can be done by following steps:

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Now, Find Google Play Store and tap on it.
  • Then, Tap on Clear data and Clear cache. If you are facing DF-DLA-15 after a recent update of the play store, just tap on Uninstall
  • In this way, clear data of your Google Play Services.
  • Now, Restart your phone and try to update or install your desired app and see error code DF-DLA-15 has been resolved.

Method 2

2.  Clear Dalvik Cache (Needs Root Access)

If you have root access, this method will be applicable to you. To do it, you will need any root browser like ES File Explorer.

Following are the steps that you will have to do.

  • Open root browser and navigate to /data/Dalvik cache.
  • Now, Delete everything from that folder.
  • Reboot your phone and see if the “error DF-DLA-15” still exists.

Method 3

3.  Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

If you’re still having difficulties with Google Play after clearing both the app cache and data, you aren’t out of options yet. If you know the Play Store recently updated on your phone, and you’ve been experiencing that error ever since you’ll want to uninstall the update to the app from your phone.

  • Start by heading into your settings menu as we described earlier, either by using your app drawer or the shortcut above quick settings.
  • Head back into the same Apps menu we mentioned earlier, and tap on Application Manager if prompted.
  • Once inside the apps menu, find Google Play Store once more and open the application info menu we visited in the previous step.
  • Tap on the triple-dotted menu button in the top-right corner of the display. On most phones, this should only display one option: Uninstall Updates, allowing you to return to the version of the Play Store that initially shipped within your phone’s software.
  • Tap this option and click “Uninstall”.
  • Restart Your Phone.
  • Try to re-download the app.

Method 4

4.  Do a Factory Data Reset of your Android Smartphone

Factory Data Reset is the best and the primary method to get rid out of any or all the problems & for solving any Google Play Error DF-DLA-15 problems. It erases all data on your Smartphone.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to the Backup & Reset option
  • Click on it & Open it
  • Now, go to the Factory Data Reset section
  • Click on the Reset Phone button to Reset it
  • Click on the Ok Button there
  • That’s it, done

An alternative method to fix Google Play Store Error [DF-DLA-15]

Method 1

1.  Unmount SD card

If this error is not fixed yet, try another method which is to dismount your SD card.

  • Go to Setting >> Storage >> Scroll down and select “Unmount SD card”
  • Open Google Play Store >> Download the app again that was giving you the error message
  • After successful installation, Go back to Settings >> Storage  >> tap on “Mount SD card”
  • If the above steps did not work, also try removing your SD card and restarting your phone.
  • Download the app and see whether it solved the issue.

If you are not the lucky one to solve the issue then try the next alternative method.

Method 2

2.  Check your Date and Time

In many of the cases, it has found that the error is caused due to the wrong Date and Time. So, make sure you have the current date and time. Also, an additional tip is given below. You can follow that in case your Date and Time is correct.

  • Go to Settings >>Date & Time
  • Enable Automatic Date and Time.
  • Now, check the Google Play store, if you are getting the error or not.

If you are not able to fix the issue also try the below steps.

  • Set the device to manual and set the year to 4 years (wrong date) in the future then open to the Google Play Store.
  • Once the Google Play Store downloads the app.
  • Go back to time settings and reset to Automatic.
  • Note: In some cases, users have manually changed the date and time, so that they are correct after the process of changing the date and time to wrong and again making the Date and Time in Automatic mode.

To Sum Up

These are the fastest and best methods that will quickly help you out to fix this Error Retrieving Information From Server Google Play Error DF-DLA-15 Code problem. Hope these solutions will surely help you to get rid of this Google Play Error DF-DLA-15 problem.


How do I get BlueStacks to work on Windows 10?
You can get BlueStacks to work on Windows 10 by following the steps. • Click on the big green “Download” button. • Once the download is complete, you are all set for installing the Bluestacks App Player on Windows 10 PC. • Open the downloaded file to begin the installation.
Which Bluestack version is best for Windows 10?
BlueStacks 4 is the best BlueStack version for Windows 10. BlueStacks 4 uses your PC’s hardware power much more efficiently and lets you play even the most advanced mobile games with maximum graphics quality without any frame drops. It is the best option for windows 10.
Is using BlueStacks illegal?
BlueStacks is legal as it is only emulating in a program and runs an operating system that is not illegal itself. However, if your emulator were trying to emulate the hardware of a physical device, for example, an iPhone, then it would be illegal.
Is BlueStacks free or paid?
The software’s basic features are free to download and use. Advanced optional features require a paid monthly subscription.



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