How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate?

If you tried to watch the movie on your mobile phone, you know how irritating it is when you try to rotate your phone’s screen, but it doesn’t get rotated. I recently face this issue, so I thought, why not help others to solve this issue.

If you face this type of issue on your android phone, this article is for you.

These are the seven simple things you should do when facing the issue of your android phone’s screen, not working.

Step 1

If you face the screen issue not working, then the first thing you can do is restart your mobile phone. 90 times out of 100, restarting your phone will solve the problem.

Step 2

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

If the first thing doesn’t work for you, you have to check your phone’s auto-rotation. In an Android phone, you’ll drag the upper layer of the phone and check that if the auto-rotation is turned on/off; in my case, I have turned it off that why my screen was not working.

Step 3

If the above two steps do not solve your problem, then you can try this step. If you are using an Andriod, then sometimes turning the auto-rotation is not enough to rotate your screen. Because some mobiles require every screen’s different setting and you have to allow it for making it rotate.

To enable the home screen rotation, you have to go to the setting and then go into the screen setting and then allow the “Home screen rotation.” By doing this, you can rotate your screen and watch movies easily from your favorite angle.

Step 4

If all the above steps are not solving your issue, you should look at the app setting you are using because sometimes the apps do not allow the auto-rotation feature. If you are using that, then there is no option; you have to watch the movie in portrait mode.

Some specific apps give you the option of turning the auto rotation on so, check if the app you are using has that facility.

Step 5

If your phone is not rotating the screen after these steps, then this may be the issue of your phone’s sensors. Then by solving this problem, you have to rotate your phone into the air to make the 8 in the air so, which will make the settings of the sensor’s default, and your screen will start rotating.

Step 6

If your mobile’s screen is not working, then you should check which apps you have newly installed on your phone, after which your phone’s screen stop rotating.

Then delete those apps because some apps cause problems in your screen rotation; if this is the issue of your screen rotation, then after uninstalling the app, it will solve this problem.

Step 7

The last thing you can do to solve this problem is to check whether any updates are pending on your phone if yes. Then you should update those apps or systems.

The many chances are that they will solve your issue of not rotating the screen. If your problem is not solved after doing all these steps, you should go to some expert, and he’ll solve your issue.


These are the seven steps which you should follow if you are facing this problem.

  • Restart your phone
  • Check that auto rotation is turned on.
  • Reset your G-sensors settings
  • Delete the recently installed apps
  • update your phone

These are the things which you should do to solve the problem of the screen not rotating. If following these steps won’t solve your problem, you should contact some expert who’ll solve the issue for you.


Why is my home screen not rotating?
If your screen is not rotating, then there might be some issue with your G-sensor. or maybe you have installed some app that is blocking screen rotation. Or maybe some updates are pending on your mobile phones.
How do I get my screen to rotate on my Galaxy j7?
If you face the issue of the screen not rotating, you should delete all the apps you have installed recently or update your phone. It will solve the problem.

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