Why Won’t my Flashlight Work on my iPhone? How can fix it

The flashlight is a handy feature that all mobile companies are adding to their latest cell phones. The Apple iPhone also has high-quality flashlights that can save your life and be very helpful.

But what to do when the flashlight stopped working?  And after all your efforts, it didn’t fix? Some of the users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 encounter this problem a lot. There are many things which you can do to resolve this issue. Don’t worry; we’ll tell you these methods one by one.

Charge your phone

Some time flash of the iPhone won’t work if the battery is low. Because it needs some power, but your battery could not provide power to the flashlight, and in response, it won’t turn on. Whenever you find this issue go and charge your iPhone for at least an hour and then turn the flashlight. If the flashlight was not working due to this issue, it would start working.

Low power mode/ do not disturb mode.

If you are facing issues in turning on your flashlight, you must look into your iPhone’s setting that if you have low power mode or do not disturb mode is applied. These can also cause trouble because you’ll be unable to turn it on in these modes; you have to turn off these modes by swiping downward on the home screen. Try to turn on the flashlight after that, and there are many chances that your issue will be fixed just by this action.


Whenever you encounter this issue or any other issue related to your phone, you should restart your phone at least once. Most of the time, the problem got solved when you restart your phone.

Press the power button for 15 to 30 seconds until the pop-up comes that asks you to turn off your iPhone. Slide that right and turn it off. Then wait for at least five minutes so your phone can rest for a while and turn it on. There are many chances that by restarting your phone, the issue with your flash will be solved.

Force RestartForce Restart

If you turn off your iPhone, but you cannot turn it on, you must restart it using force methods.

If you are using the old models of the iPhone or iPhone six, then this is the way to reboot it. Press the main button and the power button simultaneously for at least 30 to 40 seconds until it gets started.

People who are using iPhone 7 and series have to press the main button and lower volume button at the same time until the phone starts.

If you are a user of the iPhone 8 series, then this is the way to restart it by force. First, press the volume up button for just a second, and then press the volume down button for a second, then press the turn off/on switch for 30 to 40 seconds until you see your phone starting.

Update your iPhone

If the previous methods are not working and your flashlight is not working, you should try to update the version of your IOS. Make sure that your mobile is running on the latest version of IOS.

Click the setting icon from the home screen, then go to general and then to software update. If you are running an old version of IOS, then update it. Make sure that your iPhone is fully charged and you have a secure internet connection. Please don’t turn off your phone or wifi connection while updating the software; it may cause some damage to your phone.

The new version of the software will make the phone changes and remove all the bugs that may also remove the issue with your flashlight.

Close the Camera

If you are trying to turn on the flashlight while the camera is on, it will fail because your camera is taking control of your LED, which is used as a flashlight. So, make sure to turn off the camera. Sometimes, the original camera and camera apps like facebook, instagram, and Snapchat are causing trouble in running your flashlight.

To find which camera app is causing trouble, swipe up on the home screen and close them all. It will definitely help you fix the issue with your iPhone’s flashlight, and it will turn on.

Try to cool your iPhone

Sometimes you didn’t notice, but you put your iPhone in the sun with you, which heat your iPhone, and when you try to turn the flashlight, it does work due to the heat. The simple solution to this problem is to leave your iPhone in some cold place for some time.

When the iPhone will cooler after some time, then try to turn on the flashlight, and it will work.

Reset the iPhone setting

If all the previous methods fail to turn on your flashlight, then these are the last two methods to fix this bug. Try to reset the settings of your phone.

Reset the iPhone setting

It will not erase any of your pictures, videos, or anything. Your iPhone will be in the shape when you bought it for the first time in terms of settings. Sometimes we unknowingly do some settings, which in result cause some unknown effects. If the flashlight is not working due to some setting issues, it will start working for sure after resetting.

To reset the iPhone setting, go to the setting from the home screen. Then click the general and then reset. After that, click, the reset all settings, sit back and relax let the iPhone settings reset.

Restore the backup

If all the above issues won’t solve your issue and your flashlight is not working, then this is the last thing that will solve the problem. Sometimes there are corrupt and harmful files that came in your phone from different sources and caused software issues, which may be your flash not working.

To solve this issue, you have to restore the phone up so all the missing files and corrupted data will be gone, and it will restore the old data. If you don’t know how to restore your iPhone through iTunes, then we’ll show you step by step.

  • First, you have to connect your iPhone with your computer through a USB cable.
  • Go to iTunes and click iPhone.
  • Click on summary
  • Push the button that says “Backup now.”
  • Choose the date and then “Restore backup.”

Then leave your phone for some time to backup.

If your flashlight is not working after applying all these methods, you should visit some expert who knows apple phones or go to your nearest apple customer support center. They will charge you some bugs and fix the issue, or if your iPhone is in warranty, you’ll fix this issue for free.


The flashlight not working on iPhone 11 and 12?
If you are using an iPhone 11 or 12 and your flash is not working, you should try to restart it. Sometimes just restarting the phone solves the problems for you. or closes all the apps that use the camera like Instagram and Facebook because that is also a reason for your phone’s flash not working.
Why iPhone 11 camera and flash not working?
If you are trying to open the camera and turn on the flash as a torchlight simultaneously, it will not work. Because the camera takes control of the flashlight and uses it, you have to turn off the camera to turn on the flashlight.
My iPhone 11 flashlight greyed out?
If your iPhone 11’s flashlight is greyed out so you can solve this issue by making some changes in the settings. Go to the settings, then General, and then click accessibility, then scroll down until you see the LED Flash for Alerts and turn them off. It will solve this issue.
Why my iPhone 11 flash not working low battery?
If you are trying to turn on the flash, but a popup says that your flash is disabled due to low power, which indicates that your phone’s battery is low. The LED flash needs some power to run, but if the battery is low, your phone is not providing enough power so, the flashlight is not working.
Why my iPhone camera not working black screen?
This is the common issue most iPhone users face daily, but the solution to this problem is straightforward. If you encounter this issue turn off the cell phone and turn it on after some time, there are many chances that it will resolve your problem, and the camera will start work usually.

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