How to Fix Touchscreen Issues On Your One Plus One

Although the OnePlus One is an awesome phone, it is not without its fair share of bugs and issues. Several people have reported issues with the touch screen on OnePlus one. For those that own the OnePlus phone, you may want to know how to fix some OnePlus one problems with a touch screen.

Others have said that parts of the screen do not work correctly, and they need to move apps into different areas of the screen and use other controls to make the phone work properly without any issues.

The touchscreen issue is one of the most common issues any Android User faces. It doesn’t matter you own a Premium Flagship smartphone like OnePlus One or any mid-range / budget device. Eventually, you will face the issue.

Reasons for the OnePlus One touch screen not working:Reasons for the OnePlus One touch screen not working

  • Bad Shipping Process: Sometimes during the shipping process of the phone, the OnePlus One touch screen gets messed up during this process and the performance of the touch screen due to excessive bumps doesn’t work properly.
  • Software Bugs: Sometimes the touch screen problem is because of software bugs. OnePlus One always releases software updates to fix these problems, but sometimes it takes some time.

Are you also frustrated by touch screen unresponsive or touch screen freeze while playing games or use multiple apps on OnePlus One?

If Yes, then you need to follow the below troubleshooting guide in which we have discusses a few methods to fix the OnePlus One Touchscreen issue.

Touchscreen Issues of OnePlus One:

  • Physical damage: The touch screen is broken or damaged. High temperature, cold, moisture, magnet, static electricity can all damaged touchscreen on Android phone;
  • Malicious or performance-draining apps: These apps crash the phone so the touch screen is unresponsive.
  • Firmware Update: Android system crashes after a firmware update, ROM flashing, etc.
  • Wrong settings: A factory reset could restore the phone to default settings and fix the problem.

How to fix the touch screen issues on the OnePlus One:

Temporary Method:

  • On your device, download the Android Terminal app.
  • Open up the app and type “Su”.
  • Make sure it says “root@A0001”.
  • Write the following command: cat / sys / class / input / input0 / baseline _ test.
  • Press enter.
  • Catting that file seems to put the touchscreen in some kind of calibration mode, fixing the issue (the fix is a temporary fix and after rebooting your device several times the issue may come back, re-doing steps 1 to 5 will fix it again).

Several Other Methods:How to fix the touch screen issues on the OnePlus One

Restart your OnePlus One: It may seem obvious, however, some bugs may simply be related to an error, this is the first manipulation to do.

Clean the screen of your OnePlus One: Some materials/tasks can disturb the functioning of a touch screen, try to clean it well.

Change screen: If it happens that the screen is cracked it is possible that it still works as it should, however, if it is really broken a replacement of the panel is the only alternative to recover the use of it. It will take between 100 and 200 € to change it.

Enable Wakeup Setting: First up, you’ll need to enable “Prevent accidental wake-up,” which can be found in the “Display & lights” section in Settings. From there, simply toggle the option off, but stay on that screen for the next tip.

Disable Ambient Display: While you still lose functionality related to quick glance notifications that may be a small price to pay for a fully-functional touchscreen. In the same “Display & lights” settings page as the first tip, set “Ambient display” to “Disabled.”

Force GPU Rendering: For the third tip, you’ll need to enable “Developer options” within your Settings menu. Once there, scroll down to the “Hardware accelerated rendering” section and enable “Force GPU rendering.”

Restore factory settings: One of the ways to make your OnePlus One work like when it was new is to reset the factory configuration, in order to do so go to the settings of your mobile phone, then “System”, “Advanced” and “Options reset ”.

Be careful however to back up your OnePlus One upstream, or make a copy of the files important to you.

Use Safe Mode: Using Safe Mode can be a way to check if a third-party application is causing your touchscreen bug. Indeed, in safe mode, only native applications are turned on.

Recalibrate your OnePlus One screen: If it happens that your OnePlus One’s touchscreen problem is constant, you can try to calibrate your screen by going through applications like a touch screen.

Use Google Voice Access to replace the touchscreen of your OnePlus One: In the end, if the touch screen of your screen does not work at all but the screen is active, you can go through Google Voice to control your OnePlus One while you solve your problem, unfortunately, it must behave installed before.

Use a USB adapter and a mouse: Very effective solution aims to connect with the help of a USB adapter a mouse to your OnePlus One and therefore take control of the screen using this device.

Contact the manufacturer: The last solution, contact the manufacturer of the telephone or a repair shop which will generally offer more attractive prices.

To Sum Up:

Among every other component of the phone, the screen is indispensable. Of course, you scroll through Facebook, play games, send texts, etc. Basically, you can’t do anything on your phone without touching the screen if you don’t rely on an external mouse.

Oneplus One is the best smartphone so far but it also has some problems with its touchscreen. However, the methods that I mentioned above will surely help you out to fix this issue.


How do you make your touch screen work again?
You can fix your touchscreen by following methods. • Reboot Your Touchscreen Device. • Clean Your Touchscreen. • Troubleshoot the Drivers. • Disable and Enable Touchscreen Drivers. • Update Your Device Driver.
Can touchscreen be repaired?
Yes, the touchscreen can be repaired by the methods that I mentioned above.
How do I fix my touchscreen ghost touch?
In this case, keep your phone screen clean to get rid of the Android ghost touch problem. It’s easy to do, just turn off the screen, get clean wipes (or soft cloth), then gently wipe over the screen. Do not scratch the screen with sharp objects. Also, you might run into ghost touches if your screen is cracked/scratched.
How do I increase the touch sensitivity on my Oneplus one?
Following are the steps to increase touch sensitivity on Oneplus One. • Scroll down to language and input. • Now click Language and Input. • Scroll to the very bottom of these settings and tap pointer speed. • Increase the slider to make the touch screen more sensitive, adjust according to your needs.
What causes unresponsive touch screen?
A smartphone touchscreen can become unresponsive for several reasons. For example, a brief hiccup in your phone’s system could render it unresponsive.
Can a cracked screen cause ghost touch?
Yes, a cracked screen causes ghost touch.
Does screen replacement fix ghost touch?
Yes, Replacement will hopefully cure your ghost touch issues, if you really have them.
What is Ghost touch?
Ghost touch is an automatic touch that is not intentionally made. It is also known as glitches touch. Basically, it happens when your device gets hanged or get heated because of continuously usage or due to charger

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