How to Root Android without a Computer: Most Effective Method

Rooting an Android Phone can be very simple and has many advantages. A Rooted Android telephone can be multiple times efficient than the equivalent unrooted android phone. Here I will tell you the best and effective way to root your android phone.

Truth be told, rooting an Android is not a major errand to perform. In the event that you are new to the word rooting, then it can be technical and somehow difficult for you to root Android without a PC. Indeed, don’t stress yourself; you will get the answer to how to root android without a computer.

What do you mean by Rooting Android?

What do you mean by Rooting Android

There are many people that consider Rooting as hacking. Although, it isn’t correct in any way.

Rooting an Android telephone or tablet implies eliminating the limitations and restrictions from the gadget to perform all the tasks.  Let’s take an example:

Assume that you are a school-going student (Android telephone) and school staff (Phone organization) confines you for what to do and what not to do, however, you have taken out (rooted the telephone) the school constraints with your forces (rooting applications).

So now there are no rules for you in the school because you have removed all the restrictions, you can likewise do whatever you like. In the same way, you can play out whatever you like with your Android telephone subsequent to uncovering it. Rooting is otherwise called superuser access.

While the term hacking implies breaking the security of a PC or a gadget to get far off access.

I trust that you have perceived what does rooting an Android telephone implies.

Benefits of rooting an Android phone

Likely on the off chance that you need to root your Android gadget, you should think about the advantages of rooting. There is an uncountable number of benefits of getting root advantages on Android telephones.

The following are a portion of the benefits which force individuals to root Android without a PC.

Custom ROMs:

The motivation behind why the majority of individuals root Android gadgets is the establishment of custom ROMs. Of course, custom ROMs are a superb method of testing the most recent Android form regardless of whether your gadget has not gotten any update.

Incompatible Applications Installation:

Most of the super applications require root admittance to run on any Android gadget. These are the applications that can assist us with modifying and change system hardware and programming. Indeed, even you can introduce the Doby Atmos sound mod to enhance your telephone’s sound.

Central processor timing:

We can clock the CPU as per our uses. Diminishing the CPU recurrence can prompt extended battery reinforcement. Kernel Auditor is the application to perform CPU timing.

Stunning battery reinforcement and speed:

Battery reinforcement is one of the significant elements that push individuals to root their Android gadgets. We can utilize applications like Greenify to stop background applications, which bring about better reinforcement.

Full Backups:

You can’t back up the entire gadget without rooting it. However, on the opposite side rooted telephones have applications like titanium reinforcement, which can completely backup our gadget including the advancement of games.

Promotion Blocking:

I realize that it is bothering us while browsing or running applications, the pop-ups kill our emotions. It is anything but an issue for established Androids in view of good promotion blockers is accessible to impede a wide range of advertisements.

Eliminating Bloatware:

Smartphone brands are extremely inquisitive about their advertising methodologies. Without contemplating client experience, they fill the gadgets with a lot of idiotic applications. There are numerous applications for rooted gadgets to eliminate these applications.


Well, whenever you have rooted your Android gadget you can make it appear as though the manner in which you need it. There are numerous Xposed modules accessible to take “customization” to another level.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android phones

As we know that everything has both positive and negative aspects so same with these rooted devices. There are a few disadvantages or dangerous factors additionally included. These dangers aren’t hazardous on the off chance that you have some previous information on rooting Android telephones.

The threat of bricking your telephone:

Probably a solitary wrong activity can transform your gadget into an unusable piece of block. Delicate bricked gadgets can be tackled however hard bricked must be settled by changing the motherboard of the telephone.

Rooting voids Warranty:

Most of the brands don’t permit rooting and voids guarantee subsequent to getting root access. So you ought to affirm with your telephone’s client service.

Update interferences:

Majority of clients who root their Android telephones deal with the issue of programmed refreshes. For this situation, you won’t get official updates; you need to refresh your gadget physically.

Security issues:

Rooting Android gadget implies losing higher security. You need to focus prior to utilizing banking applications. The purpose for it is that root applications don’t guarantee wellbeing rather they open doors for hackers.

Virus infusions:

Many superuser applications accompany unsafe viruses which can hurt your android telephone.

Advertisement impeding:

It is a matter of fact that the proprietor of the application or site is earning cash with the promotions, which encourages him to develop more. It is a smart thought to bargain a piece and permit promotions to help distributers.

Precautions before Rooting

These are a portion of the central issues to consider prior to rooting any Android gadget. Ensure you follow these steps to dodge danger or disappointment.

  • The boot-loader of your gadget should be opened.
  • The telephone should be at any rate 70% charged.
  • You should make a full backup of your information (suggested).
  • Go to settings>developer options>USB debugging>enable it.
  • This instructional exercise is for the instructive reason just, on the off chance that anything awful happened to you and your gadget we won’t be considered capable.

The most effective method to Root Android without Computer

All things considered, it’s direct for you to root Android without a computer. It is the period of a single-click root application to make our work simpler. Things are extremely muddled for new rooters to play out all the rooting stuff, don’t stress this will be simple for you to root your telephone.

Simply follow each progression cautiously, and you are prepared to shake.

  • Go to settings> security settings> developer choices > usb troubleshooting > empower it.
  • Download any one rooting application and introduce the application.
  • Each rooting application has a specific catch to root the gadget, simply click on that button.
  • Simply sit tight for it to finish the cycle it will reboot your gadget naturally. (in some cases do not consequently restart)
  • Congrats your Android telephone is effectively rooted.

Advantages of Using One Click Root Android Apps

As per my observation, beginners listen about rooting through different social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Most people accept rooting as something muddled and confusing when they find out about it. Trust me; it’s simpler than you might suspect with the assistance of some best rooting applications.

The following are a portion of the huge advantages to utilize these applications for secure root access.

  • No PC is required. Indeed, you can root android without a PC.
  • A large portion of these applications are no hazardous.
  • There are less or equivalent to zero odds of bricking your Android telephone.
  • A single click root applications are in every case simple to utilize (Best for beginners).
  • Liberated from cost, you don’t have to purchase them.
  • The quickest method to root android without PC (Just tap on the root button, and that is it).
  • No danger of any information misfortune (still you should back up your information).
  • You can Root any Android adaptation (Gingerbread 2.2, Ice-cream Sandwich 4.0-4.1, Jellybean 4.2-4.3, KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0-5.1, Marshmallow 6.0-6.0.1, Nougat 7.0-7.0.1)
  • Additionally Root any brand’s Android gadget (Samsung, Xiaomi, Lava, Micromax, Gionee, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, Sony, Nokia 6, Meizu, and others.
  • Root Android without losing information.

Point to be noted: The new gadgets aren’t acquiring root access with these applications. Since organizations are dispatching most recent gadgets with the bolted boot-loader. To ensure you get the accomplishment with rooting, open the boot-loader of your telephone first.


So, to sum up we can say that Rooting Android is not a difficult task if you follow the guidelines given above. As everything has advantages as well as disadvantages so must keep in mind all the benefits and precautions.

By rooting an android phone you can get excess to all the tasks that are somehow hidden or prohibited. But it becomes more prone to hackers so do not compromise your personal security. Now the choice is yours!


Can I root my phone without PC?
Yes, you can definitely root your android phone without a PC. There are many one-click Rooting apps; you can go for them if you want to root your android. These applications are very easy to use and beginners can also root their phone by just clicking on the apps.
Why shouldn’t I root my phone?
There is no problem with rooting a phone but it can be somehow dangerous if do not use carefully. By rooting your phone you can completely get control over it. But it becomes prone to hackers moreover has many security issues.
Why should I root my phone?
You can completely take control of your phone after rooting it. But be careful as it can diminish your security. Always choose the rooting app carefully.
Is it worth to root Android?
Expecting that you’re a normal client and own a decent gadget (3GB+ RAM, receive ordinary OTAs) then it’s not a great idea. Android has changed; it’s not what it used to be in those days. After rooting you won’t get any OTA updates, you put your telephone’s potential at a breaking point.

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