How to Fix the Error “This program is blocked by group policy”?

This is the facility by the windows to its administrators. They can use this for many things like securities or networking on some individual levels. This error can take place because of some bug that might enables the software restriction policy or sometimes you do it for some work and then forget about it. In this case, the error this program is blocked by group policy can take place.

This program is blocked by group policy

This error might also happen because of some certain third-party applications on your machine but don’t worry if you are facing these problems because there are solutions for every problem and this problem too so, we are going to tell you how you can solve it.

Method 1

There are some times when this error shows computer disables the device drivers so, in that case, if you change the setup of your computer then this problem can be solved but the question is how you can change the error so, here are some steps how you can do it.

  • First press the window and R keys
  • It will open the search box in front of you
  • Then type “gpedit. MSC” in it and hit enter
  • It will open the group policy windows in front of you.
  • Now navigate to the User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System
  • Now you would see “don’t run specified Windows application” double click on it
  • Press show button
  • Now remove the program from the list and hit enter.

Most of the types of this error problem would be solved by this method but if it does not solve then you can try the second method that we are explaining below.

Method 2

The other thing with which you can solve this problem is user control. You can fix this problem by following the steps that we will explain below.

  • Open the control panel of your computer
  • Look for the administrative tools and then open them.
  • You will see the tab of local security policy and open it by hitting enter.
  • Now navigate to the Software Restriction Policies > Enforcement and open it.
  • Now you need to select all users but don’t select the local admins
  • Restart your pc and check if the error is solved or still there.

This is also a very effective method that can solve your problem and many user’s problems are solved with this but if you do not then you can try the third and the last one to solve your problem.

This program is blocked by group policy

Method 3

If you are still facing the error then the most effective method to remove this error is here for you and by this method, there are many chances your problem will be solved. This method is to use the registry editor method to fix this error. Many people find this editor very useful to solve this problem. But if you don’t know that how you can use this method then we will tell you step by step that how you can do it.

  • Now like always open the search box by clicking the windows and R key.
  • Then type Regedit in it and hit enter.
  • It will open the registry editor in front of you.
  • Now you need to follow this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft
  • Remove all the files in the Microsoft folder

Now your problem would be solved we have tried this method many times on this error and 95% times this method work and this error were resolved but if the error is still there then you need to do one thing and that is going to some expert and seek his help.


There are many people that face the error “this program is blocked by group policy” So, how you can fix this method so, we have decided that write a detailed topic on how you can fix this error. We have written a very detailed step-by-step tutorial that if you are not even a technical person you can still fix this error.

We have mentioned the three methods to solve this issue but still, if you are still facing the problem after applying these methods then you should seek help from the experts because that might be some other software issues.

If you find our article informative then make sure that you share this article with your friends and other people who can need this information and might be facing this issue.


How do I unblock a program blocked by group policy?
If you want to unblock the program blocked by group policy then there are three things you should do first thing is to disable the software restriction policy then delete all the registry keys and the last step is to create a new user account. In these three simple steps, you can unblock a program blocked by group policy.
How do I get rid of group policy errors?
There are three main methods to solve the errors related to the group policy. You can start with disabling the software restrictions if it doesn’t work then you can do it with the user control and the last method is the use of the registry method to solve this method. If you do not know that how to do this then we have a detailed step-by-step tutorial above you can check.
How do I fix windows defender blocked by group policy?
You can fix the issue of windows defender by looking into the group policy. If you don’t know that how you can fix this issue then you can follow these steps: • First, you need to open the group policy editor. • Now navigate into the Local Computer Policy -> Administrative Templates -> Windows • Now you will see the “Windows defender” • Open it and turn off the window’s defender.
How do you fix your system administrator who has blocked this program?
There are six ways you can fix your system administrator who blocked some programs. 1. First, check the antivirus software of your system 2. Now install the application by using the command prompt 3. You can also activate your hidden administrator account 4. You have to disable the smart screen windows 5. You have to convert your affected account to your administrator account 6. Now login and log out to your account. This way you can easily fix the blockage of some programs by the system administrator.
How do I fix the group policy editor?
If you want to fix the group policy editor then click on the bat file and then run it as the administrator. Now after some time, you need to exit from the command prompt window. Now you need to restart your computer and when it restarted try to check that if the group policy editor is working or not?


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